Falcon B1

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Lower Power Consumption

Our oil inside sealed heating system allows retain heat energy much longer time than air or water. Also the heat transmissions have been excelled thanks to TECHNOCROM finishing technology accepting production runs at lower power consumptions levels without compromising quality.

Safety Compliant
FALCON -B1 is CE COMPLAINT, counts with a emergency buttons reachable from everywhere around it, security sensors and photo cells to stop automatically in case of miss use.

Environmentally Friendly
FALCON-B1 is free of toxic elements.

Touch Screen User-Friendly
Experience intuitive navigation and meaning full icons on a multicolor screen.

Simple Film Loading System
It takes a matter of seconds to load the film into our expansible shaft and fix it with an air gun.

Easy to Run at High-Speed
Our suction air belt, software program, feeder and frontal gates make possible an ultimate performance at its maximum speed

Auto-Balance Temperature
Our sealed oiled filled heating roller, external temperature sensors and software programs automatically diminish any temperature fluctuation during the stops, changeovers and goes.

Self-Balance Pressure
Our stand-alone pistons will delivery you the optimum set up pressure on each side of the NIP roller

Intuitive Adjusments
Our decurling device, cutting and transport rollers can be set up in an easy manner.

Solid Steel
We use European origin solid steel to deliver only robust equipment

Top-Level Hardware
OMRON (Japan) and METALWORK (Italy) for all our electronic and pneumatic components in order to bring the highest integration within the market, MOOG (Germany) for mercury free slip rings or BUSCH (Germany) for pump air, ..

Preventing Print Damage
It works on lower temperature levels, it switches off pressure roller automatically during the stops and it keeps temperature fluctuation very low only just to protect your job prints.

Quick-Change Overs
Thanks to its feeder design and program software, we make possible a change overs within 5 minutes

The FALCON-B1 is ideal for medium run jobs and 1 shift non-stop production.

Digital Compatible
FALCON-B1 is compatible with 95% of the digital print equipment such as XEROX, HP, KONICA MINOLTA or OCE. BAGEL SYSTEMS meets the best film and paper compatibility for you.

Film Compatible
FALCON-B1 can run with BIOPP, embossed BIOPP, Nylon and PET burstable available in the market.

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Simplicity of Use

Experience our touch screen user-friendly interface, quick fast film reel loading, secure high-speed performance system, automatic balance heat temperature and pressure or intuitive device adjustments. The outcome result with FALCON-B1 will lead you to a quickly learning curve to its best performance.

Robust Solution

FALCON-B1 is a solid steel build with top-level hardware, electronic components and calendar finishing treatments. It is design to support quick-change overs, prevent digital prints damage, up to medium runs jobs, one shift none stop, all kind of digital prints and films.

Maximum Speed: 35 m/min *
Maximum B2 Landscape Production: 4.000 sheets/h *
Maximum B1 Portrait Production: 2.100 sheets/h *
Minimum – Maximum Size Sheets: 300×300 mm – 750×1050 mm
Minimum – Maximum Paper Weights: 130 – 450 gms *
Floor Space: 455 cm (L) x 150 cm (W)
Safety: CE compliant interlocks safety shields, emergency stops and security photocell sensor.
Power Supply: 400 V 3-phase 50 Hz
Installed Electrical Power: 16 kW

*According to film, external conditions, paper type, thickness and formats.

Feeder System: Pneumatic feeder with 6 air suction units.
Stacker on Delivery: Yes (optional)
Feeder Pile Height: 840 mm
Lateral Brackets: Moveable
Frontal Gates For Automatic Sheet Registration and Overlap: Yes (Overlap error + – 1 mm)
Film Material: BOPP, Embossed BOPP, Nylon Burstable.
Film Loading System: Expansible shaft
Film Cutter: Trim cutting system
Heated Roller: Chromed sealed roller and oil filled heated
NIP Roller System: Self -balance pneumatic pistons and protection pressure roller program.
Separator System: Bursting
Decurling Bar: Yes