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Free up time and automate <sup>2</sup> in laminating

Free up time and automate 2 in laminating

Automation 2 is what you are going to find in all our laminating equipment from Bagel Systems.

Our automatic start mode unifies up to six different functions all in one button. The temperature program is predictive, which resolves any heat inertia automatically that might be happening.

Film threading is also automatic, we save you time and finger tips burns every time you set up the film in place. And now, we make available a double film changer, so you can upload two-film reels simultaneously.

And all guaranteed with over 80 satisfied clients around the world.

But the best of all is yet to come. In 2016 more and most advanced automation technologies are waiting for us. We will soon announce them!

Bagel Systems, Spanish based equipment manufacturer, it was funded with the collaboration of Ernst Nagel GmbH (Stuttgart). Its main activity is to develop and manufacture added value laminating equipment for graphic arts and packaging industry.