Digifav B2 v21 4.0Introducing Digifav B2 v21; our newly 4.0 industry solution ready!

April 23rd, 2021

Bagel Systems introduces Digifav B2 v21 apt for 4.0 industry environments.

It allows data exchanges on operations, devices, sensors, materials in use, finish products as well as production values. The data travels on real time and using ultra secure communication.

The possibilities on Digifav B2 v21 are big; production can be evaluated and corrected; work can be done remotely and failures can be anticipated. If combined with SCADA, ERP or Big Data tools then, imagination is your only limit.


reel2reel_Bagel Systems presents new reel to reel lamination capabilities

March 16th, 2021

Bagel Systems shakes up the graphic market by presenting its new reel to reel lamination and sheet to reel lamination capabilities.

Our equipment is no longer constrained to laminate individual print sheets. Instead, it allows lamination from printed paper reels too.

Likewise, besides cutting laminated printed sheets, our equipment enables to rewind the output on a reel too.

And all of this, in one single machine and still being able to do standard lamination.


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