iLam Pro. Best laminator of its kind

ILam_Pro_Bagel_SystemsiLam Pro is more than the next generation of iLam series from Bagel Systems — it’s an uncompromising vision of laminating equipment for the digital market.

It puts incredible power that leaps past many laminators out there. It makes even compromise work in an easy and simple way.

And whether you choose the iLam Pro or the iLam Pro with the new technology Digital HotStamp ®; both are more capable, versatile, easy-to –use than anything that’s come before. In a few words, best laminator of its kind.


Zoom in to the future with Digital HotStamp ® technology

Hot_stamp_bagel_systemsBagel Systems dramatically improves its laminating equipment by introducing Digital HotStamp ® technology.

The HotStamp ® module allows you reproduce finishing that until now were unimaginable; metallic colors printing, holographic effects, spot varnishing and even conventional varnishing.

Do you wish to know further? Digital HotStamp ® is yet an affordable technology for almost any printer. It truly allows you to bring in-house special effects on UV and foiling along with your laminator.